First day of fall

Happy first day of fall! Have you gotten a PSL yet or have you been holding out? (I’ve already had three in the last week :))

Even though it’s officially fall, it still feels like summer here in Arizona. It certainly didn’t feel like fall yesterday when we went hiking at Pinnacle Peak, that’s for sure.

The best time of year to hike is usually October – April. But yesterday it was abnormally windy and very cloudy and we decided to be spontaneous and go for it. Even more incentive was that it was a weekday which meant there was hardly anyone there.

Pinnacle Peak is a good hike for beginners, kids, or anyone looking for a moderate workout. It’s more of a long walk than a hike in my opinion, although there are some steep spots here and there that are tough to navigate if you aren’t going slowly and carefully.


Some of the many stunning views of the valley from Pinnacle Peak.


For most of the world, fall means cold weather and retreating indoors whereas for us, it’s the opposite. It’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy this amazing state 🙂


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