August Summer

I don’t like to lump together the summer months into one group. There are big differences between June, July and August, even when you live in the desert. August is by far my favorite. It’s one of the hottest in Arizona, but of course it depends on where you are.

We recently took a quick overnight trip up to the mountains. The days were in the 80s and the nights in the low 70s: summer during the day, early fall during the night. There’s nothing like waking up to the sound of cold wind blowing through the pine trees, with the sunflowers at the edge of the yard reminding you that it’s not quite autumn yet.



Before we left we took a drive to the coveted natural spring fountain. It’s one of those unspoken treasures; everyone knows about it but whenever we visit there is hardly anyone there. The free-flowing water was icy and delicious as usual. Filling up our water bottles there and driving along the pine-tree lined road was definitely the best part of the trip.


Do you do any traveling in August rather than the other summer months?



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