Bullet Journals

Bullet journals: what the heck. Now that they’ve been covered by Buzzfeed I think it’s safe to say that bullet journals have officially gone mainstream. Why? Who knows. Speaking as someone who has terrible handwriting, when I see pictures of bullet journals on Instagram and Pinterest all I can do is sigh longingly, knowing I could never make such a beautiful piece of practical art in my entire life.

But then I came across a blog post on the topic which mentioned the creator of bullet journals, Ryder Carroll, and was shocked by his website. The minimalism. The lack of color. His example bullet journals look absolutely nothing like the colorful, quirky journals that have amassed social media. See the differences for yourself.

The whole concept of a bullet journal is that you have a space to organize your goals, to-do’s for the week, record important dates and/or create logs or even meal plans. So this part might be implied but you can make your bullet journal into whatever you want it to be. There are no rules about what to include in your bullet journal. You can follow basic outlines for how to plan weeks and months, and from there it can be whatever you want it to be. On first glance they look super type-A and intimidating but once you get past that and realize how much freedom you have they can be, well, freeing. This post about Austin Miller’s minimalist bullet journal helped me see that.

So what’s next? To ignore the fad and watch it fade out or to throw in the towel and make my own? Do you have a bullet journal, or would you consider making one? I’m super curious.


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