Book Review: This is Where I Leave You


Right before I read this book I read a book that was terrible. If you looked up disappointment in the dictionary you would have found a picture of this book. Harsh? Maybe, but I’ll get into that more next week. You might end up agreeing with me.

I only mention that book now because it’s part of what made reading This is Where I Leave You such a great experience. I read something awful and was looking for a real pick-me-up afterward, a book to remind me that I still liked books, and this was it.

I can’t pinpoint why exactly I bought and read this book other than some other bloggers I follow had read it and it was already on my Amazon list so it was quick to order and have shipped. The premise, a man’s father dies and he’s returning home without his wife who cheated on him with his boss to sit shiva with his siblings who all hate one another, is grim. The drama that ensues the next seven days is nothing less than soap opera-esque. It’s as funny as it is depressing. Maybe we all know a family like the Foxman’s and maybe we don’t, but it’s easy to feel like you do when you’re reading this book. I’ve noticed a lot of bloggers who write book reviews tend to post a numerical rating as well, on a 1-10 or 1-5 scale. I’ve played around with the idea of doing the same for my own book reviews but I just can’t. You either recommend a book or you don’t. Three out of five stars, but what does that mean? Do you recommend this book to other readers or not? So I’m skipping that part to make it easier for both parties by just saying that I recommend this book. (Notice I’m not saying highly recommend. What’s the difference between highly recommend and just plain old recommend? There isn’t one and trying to find a difference requires too much thinking. So I’m leaving the highly out).

Have you read it? Did you like it? Would you read it? The movie wasn’t bad either.



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