Modern Love ~ The Podcast


A screen shot of Modern Love’s most recent episode which I listened to on my iPhone


The podcast Modern Love features “stories of love, loss, and redemption.” Each week different actors or actresses read real essays that have been published in The New York Times Fashion & Style column, Modern Love. The essays are usually short, the episodes themselves are no more than thirty minutes long, and afterward the hosts speak to the writer of the essay and follow up on the story. At first, I thought this podcast was going to be like The Moth, only more cheesy. In fact, it isn’t at all. The stories are more than just the lovey-dovey stuff that may come to mind when you hear the title of the podcast; they are profound reflections on, well, love, loss and redemption.

I’d recommend this podcast for those who enjoy others such as The Moth, although in all honesty, this podcast is less of a commitment as The Moth. For starters, The Moth episodes can be quiet long which is part of why my interest in listening faltered after a while. There’s something refreshing about one short episode devoted to one story as opposed to one hour-long (sometimes longer) episode devoted to three stories. It makes for a more intimate and contemplative mood while listening.

I continue to find it fascinating that so many people will share their love stories with the world, and that the world is so eager to read and listen to them.


What podcasts are you listening to these days? Modern Love is just one of a handful I listen to each week, which I would love to share more about in future posts.

2 thoughts on “Modern Love ~ The Podcast

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  1. The only Podcast I ever really got into was season 1 of Serial, which I was OBSESSED with. I listened to a few more This American Life features after but nothing really caught my interest as much. I’ve been trying to find something to listen to on my commute into work, so might give this a go – you’ve definitely made it sound like something worth devoting a bit of time to. Thanks for sharing 😉

    Charlotte xx

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    1. I listened to Serial and This American Life, too! The episodes are just so long and it’s hard to find a spare hour in the day to listen. Modern Love is short and sweet and I listen to it on my way to/from work also! Hope you enjoy 🙂


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