A Place for Everything…

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’d love to start incorporating more lifestyle posts into the blog. What better place to start than showing you where I keep all of these lovely books I’ve been telling you about for the past year? I recently updated my book space by incorporating a second matching bookshelf, allowing me to finally have a place to put all of the books that were not able to fit before.

The bookcases are actually these versatile shelving units from IKEA. They are incredibly easy to put together and require a minimal amount of hardware, as is their trademark. As you can tell, I like to keep my books color-coded, for a few reasons: the majority of my furniture is white, so the books are like my accent pieces and pops of color. Also, because the books are varying shades of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, black and white, they create a subtle flow that is visually appealing. When you walk into this particular room, your eye is drawn straight to the books.

A close-up view

Once they books were in place, I decided to add some flair to the tops of the bookcases. I have a small display of photos of my family and my dog, a candle, and some tchotchkes that I love. The art on the wall is mixture of black-and-white prints that I’ve collected from calendars that I’ve had over the years, framed in varying shapes and sizes. Also included but not pictured are various botanical prints. The small succulents on display are from Michael’s, the large vase with green flowers and multi-colored stones was made by me, and the purple flowers in the square vase are also from IKEA.




What about the books on top, you ask? Those are the books that I am currently reading, about to read, or that I’ve finished and are on my list of books to review for this very blog. I don’t normally keep this many books on deck, but I received quite a few as gifts over the holidays.

When I got this second bookcase, I worried that I wouldn’t have enough books to fill it but as you can tell that hasn’t been a problem. I used to keep books scattered across my room and towering on both my nightstands so they were never out of reach, but I’ve noticed that having them all in one place, organized and neat, is actually much more convenient. A place for everything, and everything in its place, if you will 🙂

Where do you keep your books? Are they scattered about the house as mine were, or are they neatly tucked away somewhere special? Do you categorize them in any specific way, like alphabetically or by genre?

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  1. Great Post!
    We are currently moving out of our Se Asian home – my books have moved upcountry; the other two-thirds of my collection stay @ Mum’s place on the other side of the globe.
    Archaeology/History: my main subject gets th largest bookcase; Buddhism gets its own shelves in another cabinet; while fiction is also separated!
    Really dig your colour-coded filing system. Neat!
    Been away from th internet this past few weeks, so currently catching up in th blogosphere.
    Always like to see what u’re writing about, Hannah – glad to see your Posts getting more popular!

    Liked by 1 person

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