Update on Limetown

Spoiler: this post contains details from Limetown episodes 1-5


 If you started listening to the Limetown podcast after reading my recommendation, please accept my sincerest apologies.

I can usually tell when a podcast is the right fit for me after listening to about 2-3 episodes. I was silly enough to listen to Limetown twice and think, this is it, this is the one I’ve been waiting for. Then BOOM Episode 4 was released and I realized how wrong I was.

Okay so if by episode four you realized you didn’t like it why are you still listening to it and talking about it?

 Because, I will continue to read a book I don’t like in the hopes that it will get better. Even though once you decide you don’t like a book there’s such a slim chance that your feelings towards it will change by the next chapter, or within the next fifty pages, etc. And all of this is also true for podcasts. For the most part, I’ll keep listening and give if the benefit of the doubt.

If that’s true, then why are you still listening to Limetown?

 Because, conscience, the first two episodes were so good that these last few flops can’t possible be the new normal. They were on point and exactly the type of fictional podcast I was looking for. The spark was there, I’m just waiting for it to come back.

So, What Are the Problems?

Each new episode sounds more and more scripted and less and less believable, starting with the fact that the actor’s voices are always  monotone. My main area of concern is that Lia Haddock starts off pretty much every episode with comments like, “we were lucky enough to score this interview with Max Finlayson, but unfortunately he died two days later, but here’s the interview anyway…”

Okay, why are you telling me this now? Do the brains behind Limetown (lol) not realize how much more effective that information would be if it were put at the end of the episode? More than once, valuable information like “and then he was killed”, is provided within the first couple of minutes of the episode, and the rest of the show is then a flop because the listener (moi) is thinking, okay so why does any of this matter if I already know that Max Finlayson is dead? I’d rather listen to Lia’s interview with him, decide I’m on his side, and then have him die. If you put me through that kind of emotional turmoil then I will forever be a fan.

Another serious issue I’ve been having with Limetown is that these episodes aren’t on a regular release schedule. “Stuff You Should Know” is out every Tuesday and Thursday. “Happier With Gretchen Rubin” is out every Wednesday. Other shows are out twice a day, no matter what. If Limetown could just get on a schedule, that would be great. It doesn’t even have to be weekly. If it’s every other say, Sunday night, then that would be great. When I know the release day of a new episode of a podcast then I specifically make time to listen to it. If I have no idea when a new episode will released then I’m probably not going to make waiting, watching, hoping, a priority.

A third issue is specific to episode five ‘The Scarecrow’ so if you haven’t listened to that one yet and you don’t care either way, then keep reading. So Diedre/Dorothy just decides to drop the bomb that she started The Panic? And that’s it? Was that supposed to be some epic revelation? I get that everyone had weirdness implanted in their brains and that was making them crazy but am I alone in thinking that The Panic was related to more than just that? Now we know it was her, what else is there left to find out? She told us why they were all at Limetown, what was going on, how The Panic happened…all the secrets have been revealed.

We still need to know where all those people went exactly, but it sounds like they were just placed in the witness protection program and scattered about, like Diedre/Dorothy who ended up outside the country according to Lia who was one day here and the next day on an international flight although unless you heard her say that you wouldn’t have known the difference because nothing really changed.

Where Are We At, And Do We Care:

Dorothy has just told Lia that her uncle (Emile?) was the man everyone was there for, whatever that means. And then suddenly Lia remembers all of these clues about him that pointed to Limetown but she’s just forgotten somehow. Do I want to know more about Limetown? Yes, kind of. Do I want to know all the details, secrets, and answers? Obviously. So will I keep listening no matter what? Yeah. But I won’t know when because the episodes go up so randomly and half the time they’re a one minute monologue from Lia saying they told me not to, but guys, I’m doing it okaybye. Limetown I love you but please get it together.

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