Columbus Day: Let’s Not

The only thing cooler than Columbus Day is Indigenous People’s Day. That’s because celebrating a white man who whose so-called legacy which brought genocide, disease and despair to the indigenous peoples of both North and South America just doesn’t seem right, does it?

What exactly are we celebrating on Columbus Day? The fact that millions of indigenous people have suffered inequality, human rights abuse, and health issues since 1492? Ah yes, because that makes sense.


What makes even more sense is to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People’s Day. This means that instead of celebrating a man whose legacy reeks of oppression, we celebrate the indigenous peoples of our respective states and countries, by honoring their cultures and traditions.

For example, can we get a shoutout to Geronimo for being a complete genius bad ass who never backed down? See, now you know what the word you always scream before jumping into the pool actually means. Tsk, tsk.


So who all are we celebrating on Indigenous People’s Day? We’re celebrating the indigenous peoples of North America and South America, the people whom Christopher Columbus came into contact with when he “discovered” the “New World”.

In fact, these 8 cities just abolished Columbus Day. The rest of America would do well to follow in their footsteps, and I think that we are slowly but surely getting there. With the help of social media especially, awareness about indigenous peoples has grown in recent years and I am confident that someday Columbus Day will no longer be celebrated as a national holiday. Until then…


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