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My Mom, Style Icon is a book that is near and dear to my heart. This book is for anyone who has an appreciation of fashion, photography, international cultures, vintage accessories and wild hairstyles, and oh, an adoration and love for his/her mom, too.

It was inspired by Piper Weiss’ blog My Mom, The Style Icon which I first heard about from a feature that Lucky magazine ran in every issue back in 2010. Maybe you remember it? I fell in love with the gorgeous black and white photos, the sometimes quirky, elegant and downright jarringly beautiful clothes some of these women wore, and of course, the undeniable sense of woman power, of mom power, in every single photo.

Style Mom 3

My Mom the Style Icon was published in 2011 via Chronicle Books and let me tell you, as Weiss says in her introduction when she tells of the first time she came across all of her mother’s best shoes, clothes and accessories in her closet, “we have hit the mother lode” of amazing photos. Although Weiss’ blog seems to have dropped off and has not been updated since 2012, it’s still active and full of fabulous photos if you’d like to get a taste of what the book will be like (and are willing to patiently click “back” on each page over and over and over again 😉

Style Mom 5

Style Icon Mom

The book is neatly divided into eight chapters (but it’s not like you’ll want to skip around because there are gorgeous photos on every single page) and I just love all the titles:

  1. Let’s Bring Back: Treasures from the Attic
  2. Hair Story: A Brief History of Big Hairdos
  3. Moms Gone Wild: Rebels, Ragers, and Road Warriors
  4. The Originals: From the People Who Brought You Everything You Wear Now
  5. Going to the Chapel: The Only Dress that Every Mattered
  6. Lucky Dads: Fashion for Better or For Worse
  7. Mommy and Me: Growing Up with an Icon
  8. Moms Away: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits

The sweetest of course, being Chapter 7: Mommy and Me: Growing Up with An Icon. While the other chapters showcase our mom’s styles when they were going to prom, in their 20’s or during their wild years traveling abroad and the like, this chapter features some of the (arguably many) moms who retained their style even after they had kids.

Style Mom

We may not have always recognized just how stylish and on point our moms were when we were little as they were shuffling us to and from the park, the playground, school, and family road trips, but the precious photos that we have of those moments allow us to see our moms for who they really were as women: mothers, yes, but first and foremost they were stylish women who took risks and owned their individuality every single day, and they had fun doing it. How do I know? Because it shows in every picture.

Some of us may have already discovered that our moms were/are style icons in their own right, while others have yet to stumble upon the treasure trove of old photos or clothing and accessories that prove that your mom was in fact a real person before having kids, and that she was a damn cool one at that.

And friends, the timing of this post is utterly purposeful, because I’d like to spend this Father’s Day shouting out all the MOMS who play the role of both father and mother. You deserve this day of appreciation more than anyone. And with that being said, I couldn’t leave out a photo of my own style icon…


 *Photos 2-5 are from Piper Weiss’ blog My Mom, Style Icon and do not belong to me. If by some act of fate they belong to YOU please tell me, and we’ll add the credit where it’s due.  The last photo, from 1996, does belong to me 🙂

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