Hundred Year Old Lessons

Some people might find this to be creepy, while others have said that it’s haunting.

If you know me well, you know that my era of choice is the 1900’s, so I find these chalkboard drawings from 1917 that were just discovered in an Oklahoma City public school to be utterly fascinating. They represent three of my favorite things: education, American history, and Pilgrims. Or, maybe just education and American history.

OKC Schools Chalkboard 4 OKC Schools Chalkboard 2 OKC Schools Chalkboard

Oklahoma City Public Schools were replacing the chalkboards in Emerson High School with whiteboards when they made the discovery, and found that each of the almost-hundred-year-old chalkboards had lessons in penmanship, math, and Pilgrims. In other words, each of the classes were being taught the same thing in what looks like the beginnings of curriculum building in large public schools.

OKC Schools Chalkboard 3 OKC Schools Chalkboard 5

This particular school was established in 1895 so it’s not entirely unexpected that the building would contain remnants of its deep history in some form or another. While the school district officials decide how best to preserve this piece of history, I’ll be over here daydreaming about Little House on the Prairie, except I already do that pretty much every day.


*None of these photos belong to me. All are from the Oklahoma City Public Schools, or The Oklahoman.

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