What Is It About Books & Being Underground?

The only thing I love more than new books are new books. By which I mean, new book recommendations from people I don’t know, about books I’ve never heard of. Stay with me here.


First, the Underground New York Public Library, an online photo series featuring the readers of NYC subways and the titles of the books they’re reading. This website is almost as pleasing to the eye as The Sartorialist, I mean really.

Underground NY Public Library

But the subwaybookreview Instagram account takes it one step further. Each of the photos on this Instagram account features not just a photo of the reader and the book, but a short review of the book itself.

Think about it: if you only have less than ten minutes to tell someone about a book (I’m assuming that’s about how long a subway ride is..suburban-girl-alert), you’re gonna do your gosh darn best to make it the best mini-book review you can, right?

I can see myself in the eager, endearing eyes of the readers on subwaybookreview and I can honestly say that I would take any of their recommendations in a heartbeat. There’s something so sweet about hearing someone talk about a book that they love, don’t you think? Fellow book-lovers unite 🙂

Underground NY Public Library 3

*NONE of these photos belong to me, all are borrowed from https://instagram.com/subwaybookreview/ and http://undergroundnewyorkpubliclibrary.com/

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