STEM, Again


I recently wrote a post about the emphasis the United States has been placing on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects in education in recent years, and why I think it should be combined with an equally strong emphasis on the humanities to create a more complete, balanced education. Realistically, the skills you gain from both areas of study (chemistry, psychology, mathematics, literature) all go hand in hand. Therefore a wholesome education should underscore both, not one or the other.

NPR recently published an article, A Top Medical School Revamps Requirements To Lure English Majors about a medical school that is recruiting undergraduates from humanities and liberal arts majors because of the value they add to the school, and that was so inspiring to see.


Dr. David Muller is the dean for medical education at Mt. Sinai’s Ichan School of Medicine in New York. Mt. Sinai boasts the FlexMed program, which is unique because it provides a path to medical school of undergraduates studying humanities and social sciences at top liberal arts colleges and research universities.

By having non-traditional students enter the medical program, new perspectives are being introduced which provide unique and much-needed perspectives to the discourse.

I love that programs like this exist, and that humanities students are being encouraged to pursue nontraditional paths. Humanities, math and sciences all go hand in hand and I firmly believe that it will be programs like this which will trail-blaze this ideology of having students of all majors being successfully in any field of study that they choose.

“People who look at the same problems through different lenses will make us better in the long run.” –David Muller

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