Listening Vs. Reading: There’s a First Time For Everything

I am a big reader. I used to read three, sometimes four books at a time. I would keep a stack on my nightstand next to my bed and buy probably close to a dozen new books each month. Now, that was back when I had (a lot) more time on my hands, of course. I only read one or two at a time these days, but I am invariably always reading something.

There’s something so personal and private about the act of sitting alone, anywhere, and reading. This might be the introvert in me talking, but I treasure that time like no other. Which is why audiobooks just never appealed to me. How can that be as fulfilling as actually physically reading the book? It seems that every book-lover I talk to recommends trying out audiobooks and I am still 50/50 on them. Since I’m undecided, I figured that rather than take the plunge and download a three hundred page novel to listen to, maybe I should start with some podcasts first.

I did some research (and decided that Serial  probably is not the right one for me) and ended up downloading a few different podcasts last Friday. We were going camping since it was a holiday weekend and I figured it might be good to listen to something in the car other than Charlie XCX. It was about a four hour drive to the campground up north and we ended up spending the first half of the drive listening to The Moth.


The Moth is “dedicated to the art and craft of storytelling.” Each episode has two or three people (sometimes celebrities) telling stories about their lives. It’s weirdly intriguing, like listening to a mini-memoir. My favorite episode so far has been “Parties, Plans and Police” which is about what we learn from illness. Each story in this particular episode relates to death in some way, but contrary to that description, this episode was actually really funny and enlightening. I’ve noticed that by the end of the episode I end up feeling like I know the people sharing their stories, and can see bits of myself in them, too.

I’m excited to find more podcasts to listen to, and would love some recommendations if you have any 🙂


*Photos are as always from either Google or Pinterest and do not belong to me. If you happen to know who the original owner is, let me know! I’d be more than happen to add photo credits.

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