Book Review

Book Review: “Finding Momo”


Andrew and Momo

Finding Momo is a photography book by Andrew Knapp. Momo, a sweet little black and white border collie, is hiding somewhere in every photo. Knapp narrates the book throughout, which gives added personality and character to Momo’s already expressive and inquisitive demeanor.

“Momo makes friends with just about every dog and human he meets. But he has a funny relationship with cats. Simply hearing the word ‘cat’ will send him on a wild hunt. If he encounters a cat, he may stare at it for hours.”

Momo sure is darn hard to find in some of these photos, but the good news is that on the especially hard ones Knapp provides hints. Oh, and there’s an answer key in the back in case you’re looking through the book with kids and you’re all getting frustrated because you can’t find him. The best part is: MOMO KNOWS MADDIE.

Momo and Maddie

As soon as I got my hands on this book all I could think was it reminded me so much of Maddie On Things. This epic picture of Momo and Maddie thrilled me to no end. Maddie has her own photography book that features her standing on things, hence the title. No, I’m serious. Cars, houses, swings, anything. She’s the most chill coonhound I’ve ever seen (because she’s the only coonhound I’ve ever seen) whereas Momo appears more alert and ready in all of his photos. Different books, different dogs, not the same thing at all.

The photography is beautiful. The settings are quaint (houses, cozy bedrooms), familiar (trucks, vans, long winding roads, suburban neighborhoods), sometimes quirky (a backyard filled with crap uh, I mean holiday lights and vintage toys) and sometimes ethereal (shots of the wilderness and natural landscapes) with only the small black dot of Momo’s face to remind you it’s real.

Knapp provides no details of where the photographs were taken other than the occasional mention of an American state here or there, which is the only thing that irked me throughout the entire book. The book was published in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but I’m assuming the majority of the photos were taken in Canada since that’s where Momo and Knapp are from. Even so I was curious to know where exactly in Canada these beautiful places are. Alas, that mystery abounds.

Finding Momo is an adorable book for dog-lovers and photography-lovers alike. And, Momo is on Instagram. So even if you can’t get your hands on his book, you can still see him every day on your phone at @andrewknapp on Insta.


*All quotes from Finding Momo. None of these photos belong to me, all have been borrowed from either Google, Pinterest, or Andrew Knapp’s site.

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