“Male Tech Colleagues”…

These are just a few of the remarks that Cate Burlington has had directed at her, and you can see the whole list including her reactions here.

  • “Most girls aren’t into this kind of stuff.”
  • “Let me know when you want to do that so I can help you. No offense, but you just don’t know enough about it to try it on your own.”
  • “You’re a girl, but you’re not, like, a girl-girl, y’know?”

These comments are absurd and at first I want to think that no professional person would actually say something along any of these lines, right? But let me think back to my own personal experiences…oh yeah that’s right, they do. And the only thing not easy about working in a male-dominated field is not that it’s difficult to work in the technology/banking/logistics [insert-your-own-field-here] profession but because there are still men of this mind walking around saying things like: “You got it! Clever girl!”.

Maybe all it does is make them look like jerks or, you know [insert-your-own-expletive-here]. Maybe it doesn’t hurt women’s feelings. Maybe it does. But you can never assume what someone will or won’t find offensive. This isn’t some new feminism thing, either. It’s an equality thing. It’s a human thing.

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